About Us

The Financial Innovation & Technology Association of Canada was started in partnership with a number of stakeholders with a mandate to develop, support and promote the ecosystem for financial technology and financial innovation in Canada; to advocate for balanced policy initiatives for financial innovation companies; to have a national voice for financial innovation across Canada; and promote its members domestically and internationally.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to bring together the various stakeholders, other associations and international partners involved in financial innovation and technology under one  umbrella with the view to:

  • Supporting Canadian leadership in financial services technology and innovation, including in digital finance, financial regulation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Creating a Canada brand in financial services innovation and technology.
  • Supporting responsible and responsive regulation for innovation.
  • Liaising with government agencies to support innovation.
  • Encouraging investment in Canada in financial innovation.
  • Supporting the export of Canadian financial technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning in finance to other countries.
  • Outreach to other industry sectors that intersect with finance and technology for common strategies.
  • Forming partnerships with international associations in financial innovation and artificial intelligence and machine learning for finance for trade opportunities and to advance development of the space.
  • Supporting the membership.
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